Learning is imperative to success at She She. Not only will you need to learn our software but our business practices. You will need to be able to absorb and apply information - sometimes quickly - relating to technology, services, client interaction, products and more. We acknowledge we’re all set in our ways on some things. We value your individual contribution while needing a balance of willingness to finding the best way for our business and team. 

Internally motivated

Drive to succeed is important. We acknowledge that you bring your motivation to succeed with you each day and it is shown through the way you engage work, team members and clients. If you do not have the motivation to learn, grow and invest in your success - this is not the team or business for you. We believe a great team is made up of people who are self-driven and dedicated to goals and each other.   


Simply: If you are not trustworthy, this is not the right fit. Take pride in your work as it is a representation of your name and personal brand. If you do not take pride in the quality of your work, we won’t either. Our team demands a high expectation of dependability from one other and the quality of work delivered. If you say you’ll do it, we need to trust you’ll do it the right way and all the way. 


We are a place of business and our industry is one of making other’s experience stellar. We want this to be a great place to work just as much as we want our client base to be able to expect great things from us. We need to be able to balance our personal life with the professional need. Whether talking to an upset client, frustrated team member or navigating the throws of life - we’ve been there and we want to be the place that seamlessly navigates these situations with thick skin and a strong back bone. This industry is not for the faint of heart. We’re proud of the strength our professionalism demands. 


Ever had a bad day made worse by someone treating you poorly? Yeah, we’re not about that practice. We are about creating an environment catered to our client’s needs. We have the opportunity to change an experience through skillfully handling difficult situations with grace and consideration. We serve each other. We serve our clients. Tone matters and relationships are imperative to our success as a business and team. We are in the business of people. If you aren’t, this isn’t the right place for you.

A Proactive Problem-Solver

Things change ALL THE TIME. We need you to be able to adapt to changes proactively. When  needs arise, we expect you to respond to it and hope you are independent enough to trust your training to address what’s in front of you. When you don’t know, we expect you to ask and when you have the answer, we expect you to speak up. 


We want to protect the awesome team we have. If you are not willing to support your peers, you shouldn’t work here. We are invested in your success and want you to be invested in the success of yourself and others. We dedicate time, effort and energy to succeed as individuals and as a business which requires contribution from every member. This drives the choices we make and the actions we take. This is a principle by which our culture can succeed.  

*If you would like to join our team then please send your resume to us!

We need individuals who are: